How ISS-Bulgaria can assistance

Every individual or entity including a parent, a relative, a Court, a Social service as well as other interested parties, can request assistance from ISS-Bulgaria. If the request comes from abroad, it shall be referred to the ISS-Bulgaria through the ISS representation in the respective country.

The request for assistance shall be done in writing and it shall include enough information about the case as well as the service that is needed (provision of a social report, issuing of a document, consultancy, international family mediation and so on). Documents such as assessments, reports, judgments, certificates and etc. can be enclosed to the request for assistance.

The request for assistance to the ISS-Bulgaria can be sent by the post at: 5 Dondukov Blvd., entrance B (III), floor 4, apartment 14, 1000 Sofia; by fax at: 00359 2 983 39 34 or by e-mail at:  

ISS-Bulgaria collects fees for social reports requested by the Bulgarian Courts. The fee is 480 BGN including VAT and it shall be preliminary paid at the following bank account: ISS-Bulgaria, UNICREDIT BULBANK, BIC: BG51UNCR70001501019638, PIN: UNCRBGSF. Sometimes additional fee shall be paid to the ISS representation, which services are requested and the amount varies depending on the characteristics of the case.  

When ISS-Bulgaria has received a request for assistance from a Court and has undertaken the necessary steps for providing the social report from abroad but the Court suspends the judicial proceedings due to an agreement between the parties or because the parent is not in the respective country anymore for instance, ISS-Bulgaria shall return half of the preliminary paid fee. However, if ISS-Bulgaria cannot provide the Court with the requested report in case there is no ISS representation or the ISS unit is not able to assist for the provision of a social report in the respective country, ISS-Bulgaria shall fully return back the preliminary paid fee.