Municipality of Kotel

Service name: Support and Development Center for Children and Families ( Street Children' Center)

Director: Sylvia Kremova

Service contact details (address, telephone, fax, email): Kotel, 21 Izvorska Street, tel. +359 897 089 183, email: 

Capacity: 25 users

Specific activities (beyond the ones described in the definition or methodology).

The Education Support Group for 3 to 4 Year Old Children is intended to work with children of 3 to 4 years of age coming from at-risk families and not attending kindergarten. The goal is to promote children’s development and their preparation for successful inclusion in compulsory preschooling in order to avoid situations where those children do not enroll in school or become early drop-outs. Children’s stay in the group is half-daily and the routine is similar to the one in kindergartens (free time and structured activities). 

There are 2 such groups - in Kotel and in Gradetc village.