Social Rehabilitation and Integration Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (SRIC)

Manager: Vanya Ivanova

Service contact details: Address: Veliko Tarnovo, 24 Bulgaria Blvd., tel. +359 62 60 14 06, +359 895 662 284, e-mail: 

Capacity: 40 users

Specific activities (beyond the ones described in the definition or methodology).

From the onset of service delivery, the experts of the center would meet with the child, his/her parents, guardians or custodians to explain the services of the Center and feedback options which they can use to provide their comments (user booklets, comments book, information board, mail box, social network webpage, complaints procedure).

The SRIC team developed an interactive user booklet entitled Sergo, you and the SRIC (a click-to-open booklet), which provides experts with a child-friendly and interactive tool to explain to the child what their field of expertise is and what activities they will do together. The booklet contains a section for parents, which describes the main signs they should look for to find out if counselling with a specific expert is necessary. The booklet describes SRIC activities, arrangements and recommendations to parents (guardians, custodians).